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Is Geisha Affair a non membership browsing website?

Yes it is and can be accessed anywhere worldwide at no cost.

When do I start paying for my membership?

At the moment you want to upload your personal profile.

Is there a fee to advertise a banner or business service?

Yes. For advertisement banners, publications or any other business service.

How can I create a profile on Geisha Affair?

From the home page, click Sign Up and follow the prompts.

How many photos and videos can I upload?

The photo gallery can display up to 15 large format pictures in different orientations, portrait or landscape. Photos can be uploaded through the Photos Menu on your Profile section. Photos can be also edited for basic touch ups. Your video can be uploaded through the Video menu in your Profile section.

What types of photos or videos are prohibited?

Any photo or video that displays genitalia or implies lewd, sexual acts. For more information regarding this and other subject, please refer to Geisha Affair Terms and Conditions.

Is there an additional fee to fully display my pictures, video?

No. That feature is included in your membership.

How many categories can I select? Do they cost extra?

Your membership includes unlimited categories.

Do I have to complete all of the information requested when establishing my profile?

No. However, the more information you display the more exposure you get.

Can I upload more than one profile?

Yes. You can upload as many profiles as you like. And each profile can display its own photos, video and other displayable information. You even have the option to upload your own banners. Just go to the Advertising menu and follow the instructions.

Can I change my base city? Does it cost extra?

You can change your base city whenever you like, as often as you like through the Profile menu. You can also change your visiting dates and everything else you want at no extra cost.

How can I create banners, publications and classifieds?

From the home page click Banners and follow the prompts.

Is my Profile subject to approval?

Yes, because we have to make sure that every profile meets with Geisha Affair Terms and Conditions.

How can I write a member review?

Go to the Memberís Profile and select Add a Review and follow the prompts.

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